Network update

To update one or several stations in a network use software update.

Stations are located and invited using the Network menu.

Software Update へは、以下のようしてアクセスします。

  1. gear をタップします。
  2. Settings をタップします。


  1. Software Update をタップしてください。
    Software Update ウィンドウが開きます。

Software Update ウィンドウ
  1. Tap the desired device(s). The selected devices turn brighter.
  2. Update devices をタップしてください。
    Selection ウィンドウが開きます。

Selection ウィンドウ
  1. Select the location that contains the update files (internal or any plugged in external device). Select the update file you want to execute.
    You can also specify first the update file by tapping Choose update file. The selected update file will be displayed in the title bar of the software update menu.
  2. Select をタップしてください。
  3. Select the desired device(s).
    Tap Update device.
    The software update starts copying files
    The devices reboot.
It is also possible to select multiple devices with the lasso selection or by holding Strg and selecting the devices.


Make sure that you only select devices of the same operating system.


It is also possible to update your onPC, consoles, and xPort Nodes manually.