dot2 3D

MA Lighting’s visualizer and preprogramming studio - the PC software dot2 3D - is an extremely powerful tool to visualize and design three-dimensional stage layouts. In conjunction with the dot2 console or the dot2 onPC program conventional and moving light fixtures can be displayed.

dot2 3D allows a straight forward design and set up of any custom stage or scenery layout with its 2D drawing facilities and a library of basic graphical elements. Multiple windows both in 2D or 3D view with any camera angle can be opened at the same time and will be updated in real-time. All the stage elements can be positioned in x/y/z directions and can also be rotated around the various axes. Textures to design these elements’ surfaces can be chosen from the built-in library, or you may import your own graphic files and even video clips and use them as textures.

Position and rotation parameters of objects and cameras on the virtual stage can be controlled via DMX. The equipment can be moved freely in the 3D space via the connected console.

Another big advantage is that the 3D environment is stored in the same showfile in the dot2 system. No matter where you are and which type of dot2 console is being used - you always have the complete showfile with you!

The dot2 3D application runs on powerful WindowsR PCs and communicates with the dot2 console via Ethernet IPv6.