MAtricks Block

The blocks function in the MAtricks creates blocks of fixtures of the specified size.

This treats blocks of fixtures as one fixture.

It is better explained with examples.

- Ten Fixtures One Axis

In this example, there are ten fixtures (1 through 10).

They are selected from 1 to 10 without any specific grid information. Highlight is activated.

Since there is no grid information, then the fixtures are only in one axis - the X axis.

Press Next to make the MAtricks X value 0.  

It looks like this in the Selection Grid and Fixture Sheet (Channel SheetMode) window:

Ten fixtures with MAtricks X at 0 - No Block

Now tap + in the XBlock in the MAtricks window to set the value to two.

Now it looks like this:

Ten fixtures with MAtricks X at 0 and XBlock at 2

The selection grid now only shows five boxes. This is because fixtures one and two are blocked together and are in the first position. They are the ones currently outputting light. This can be seen in the fixture sheet.

Using Next and Prev jumps through the ten fixtures blocked together two and two.

Increasing the block size increases the number of fixtures together in a block. It decreases the number of visible boxes in the selection grid and the useful MAtricks X values.

For instance, if the block is increased to five, then there are only two boxes in the grid and only X = 0 and X = 1 actually selects the fixtures.

It looks like this:

Ten fixtures with MAtricks X at 0 and XBlock at 5