MAtricks Shuffle

Shuffle is used to shuffle the selection order of the current fixture selection.

The shuffle function is described in more detail in the MAtricks and Shuffle topic.

This example uses the MAtricks window, the Selection Grid window, the Fixture Sheet window, the Group Pool, the Color Preset Pool, and the All 1 Preset Pool. It is useful to have them visible on the screens.

This is an example of a shuffle on two axes.

The main setup is 20 fixtures with color mix and four global color presets (Red, Green, Blue, and Magenta).

  1. Fixture 1 to 5 is given the red color.
  2. Fixture 6 to 10 is green.
  3. Fixture 11 to 15 is blue.
  4. Fixture 16 to 20 is magenta.
  5. They are selected from 1 to 20.
  6. Use the MAtricks tool to set XWidth to 5. This arranges the fixtures nicely in a 5 x 4 grid.
  7. Store a group with this grid arrangement.
  8. A dimmer range of 25% to 100% is applied.
  9. This is stored in an All preset.

It looks like this:

Initial shuffle setup

Imagine this is how the fixtures are arranged in the real-world and this now needs to be randomly applied in both X and Y axes.

Tap Shuffle in the MAtricks tool until a desired pattern is achieved.

Notice in the fixture sheet that this does not change the actual output of the fixtures. It only changes how they are selected.

The values need to be reapplied to get the output looking like the random selection.

To get the dimmer applied simply press At 2 5 Thru 1 0 0 Please.

The Y value makes it easy to reapply the colors.

Tap + in the MAtricks Y so the value is 0. Now apply the red color preset. Tap + again to select the next row and apply the next color preset. Continue doing this for the last two rows.

Press Clear once and then tap the group stored at point seven in the initial setup.

The result could look something like this:

Fixture grid after the shuffle