MAtricks Width

Width can appear to give the same result as groups. The difference is that groups place the grouped fixtures in the same grid positions where width moves the fixtures out on the next axis.

This makes it possible to combine several axes in the MAtricks selection.

It can be a great tool for fixtures arranged in grids.

Having the fixtures in an MAtricks with a width and storing a group in the Group pool also stores the current selection grid setup.

The MAtricks width is best explained with an example.

- Ten Fixtures One Axis

In this example, there are ten fixtures (1 through 10).

They are selected from 1 to 10 without any specific grid information. Highlight is activated.

Since there is no grid information, then the fixtures are only in one axis - the X axis.

Press Next to make the MAtricks X value 0.  

It looks like this in the Selection Grid and Fixture Sheet (Channel SheetMode) window:

Ten fixtures with MAtricks X at 0 - No Width

Now tap + three times in the XWidth in the MAtricks window to set the value to three.

Now it looks like this:

Ten fixtures with MAtricks X at 0 - XWidth at 3

All fixtures in the first X column is now highlighted.

This arrangement makes it possible to select a specific fixture or columns and rows of fixtures using a combination of X and Y values.

Highlighting fixture 6 in the current arrangement can be achieved by having X = 2 and Y = 1. It looks like this:

Ten fixtures with MAtricks X at 2, Y at 1, and XWidth at 3

Try to play around with different X and Y values.