3D ウィンドウ

3D Window は、フィクスチャの配置・回転が可能な仮想空間を視覚化して3D表示します。


すべてのフィクスチャとステージ・オブジェクトは、PatchLive Patch、あるいはこのウィンドウで、配置や回転が可能です(3D空間へのフィクスチャ配置 を参照)。

The 3D window with some fixtures

The Stage object can be visualized as a box or just the floor. The box can be looked into, but not out of. Read more below.

The position, direction, and other settings defining from where and how, the 3D space is viewed, is defined by a Camera object.


There are several buttons in the title bar. Most of them are swipe buttons that open a list of the available options.

Two of them are toggle buttons that turn On or Off labels.

The others give fast access to select Body Quality,  Beam Quality, Stage object, Camera, and Mode of the window.

There can be several stages in the patch. Each 3D window can show one of these stages. Read more about stages in the Stages topic.

Read about the settings below.


The menu has several buttons. These buttons are used to control what happens when the window is touched and to change camera positions (read more about the cameras below). The ones that change the touch mode are tapped to select the mode and then when the window is touched the mode dictates what happens. The selected mode is displayed with a yellow color. Most of the icons are grayed out and disabled if the selected camera is locked.

This is the explanation of the different buttons:


The cameras are pool objects in the Camera Pool. A camera can be moved to different locations and pointed in different directions.

This information can be edited in the pool, but the position and direction are easier to change in the 3D window - read about the left side menu above. There is one camera mode that cannot be accessed in the menu on the left side (Camera Pivot). This can only be changed in the window settings. Read more be below.

Camera Pivot is a lot like camera orbit - the difference is that the camera pivots around the point touched in the window instead of always around the center of the 3D space. A scroll wheel on a mouse moves the camera closer to or away from the location of the pointer.

Editing the camera in the pool allows changing the camera mode and type. Read more in the camera pool topic (link above).


The fixtures position and rotation can be set in the patch or live patch. But they can also be positioned live in the 3D window.

Read more about this in the Position Fixtures in the 3D Space topic.

Window Settings

The settings can be opened by tapping the MA logo in the upper left corner of the 3D window.

This opens a settings pop-up. In this pop-up, there are three tabs called Rendering, Misc, and Label.

Rendering 設定

The rendering settings are about light levels, colors, and rendering quality.

Rendering tab in 3D Window Settings

There are four on-screen faders:

The ambient and point light can be colored, similar to putting a gel in front of the light. The area above the faders can be tapped to open a color selector pop-up.

The Background can also be colored. The ambient light needs to be turned up for this color to be visible.

There are several swipe buttons:

They are swipe buttons, so remember that the options can be reached easily by swiping out of the button.


Misc 設定

The second tab is called Misc and has some options.

Misc tab in the 3D Window Settings

Currently, there are the following settings:

Label 設定

The last tab is called Label. It is settings about the labels that can be turned On or Off for the spots and the fixture bodies.

3D ウィンドウの例